Background ultimate federation


For the Championships Series, Europe is divided into five regions.

These regions are composed of “nearest neighbor” nations to reduce cost and travel time to EUCR tournaments.

Each Region must decide upon a central venue to hold a regional tournament, ideally with costs and travel times kept to a minimum.

These annual tournaments determine which teams will gain a bid to the EUCFs.

Qualification for the regional tournaments are based upon either National Country Championships, in the current or previous calendar year, or nomination by a country’s ruling federation (see qualification for the EUCRs/EUCFs).

Using the regionals system, most teams will not have to travel far or spend too much money to determine whether they will make it to the EUCFs or not.

Regions are as follows:

  • West : UK - Ireland
  • Central : Denmark - Germany - Holland - Belgium - Luxembourg
  • South : France - Switzerland - Italy - Spain - Portugal - Israel
  • East : Poland - Czech Rep - Austria - Slovakia - Slovenia - Croatia - Belarus - Ukraine - Hungary - Turkey - Romania - Moldava - Serbia - Albania - Rep. of Macedonia - Greece - Israel
  • North : Norway - Sweden - Finland - Russia - Latvia - Estonia - Lithuania