Background ultimate federation


The EUCF is played in the open division with 24 teams on 3 days of play, devided into 6 peer pools of 4.


The EUCF Seeding is based on the following criteria:

  • Seeds are distributed by region according to the previous EUCF finish.
  • EUCR qualifiers are assigned EUCF bids based on their placement at their respective EUCRs
  • Teams, who do not directly qualify, but enter the tournament because of some other team cancellation, are seeded last. If there is more than one, their seed will be assigned according to the waiting list order.

Pool Draw

The initial pools will be drawn after all the EUCRs have been completed. They will be drawn by an impartial CSC representative with an observer present. The CSC reserves the right to adjust pools to avoid regional match-ups during initial pool play. Pools will be drawn according to the following formula below:


  • Pot 1a – seed#1 and #2
  • Pot 1b – seed#3 and #4
  • Pot 1c – seed#5 to #6
  • Pot 2a – seed#7 to #9
  • Pot 2b – seed#10 to #12
  • Pot 3a – seed#13 to #15
  • Pot 3b – seed#16 to #18
  • Pot 4  – seed#19 to #24

Tournament Format

Open Division (24 teams):
6 pools of 4 teams. Pool play. 

Top2 of each pool and the best 4 3rd placed will advance to eighth of finals, then quarters, semis and placements, for a total of 7 games in 3 days. The last 8 teams play 17-24 quarters, semis and placements.

How to determine the teams seeded 13-18 after the pool games:

The 6 3rd ranked teams will be compared to each other and assigned to the seed 13-18 according to these rules.

Each rule is applied to all teams to build the first subgroups. Within the subgroups the next rule must be applied to build other sub- subgroups.

Assign seed 13 to 18 accouding to the defined order. If the pre-quarter would be a rematch of a pool game, switch the seeding with one of the neightbors (starting from the left (better seeded) and then trying with the right one. In no case a reordering of the pre-quarters match ups may affect which teams advance
1)Number of victories in the pool
2)EUCF Inital Seeding (based on the last EUCR rankings and the EUCF Regional Distribution of the previous year)


All games are played to 15 points; there is no requirement to win by a margin of two goals. The time cap is 90 minutes.
If at the end of the time neither team has won, one goal is added to the highest score (max. 15 goals!!) to determine a reduced target. The game continues until a team wins by reaching the reduced target.
Halftime is of 2 minutes at 8 or after 50min + 1 point.
Time won’t be stopped during half time.

Schedule mock-up

8 teams play 6 games in 3 days of 90 minutes (including 2 minutes halftime). The 16 teams playing the pre-quarters 1-16 play an additional game.

Friday: (6 fields needed)
Slot 1 A-C-E pools
Slot 2 B-D-F pools
Slot 3 A-C-E pools
Slot 4 B-D-F pools
Slot 5 A-C-E pools
Slot 6 B-D-F pools 

Saturday: (mostly 4 fields, sometime 8 or 6)
Slot 1 <bye> 
Slot 2 1-16 PQ
Slot 3 <bye> 
Slot 4 1-24 QF
Slot 5 <bye> 
Slot 6 1-24 SF

Slot 1 3-4, 21-22, 23-24
Slot 2 Place 5 to 20 
Slot 3 <bye> 
Slot 4  Final