Background ultimate federation

What does a qualified team need to do to confirm / cancel its EUCF bid

All teams that qualify for the EUCF must report to the regional Coordinators within 48h after the EUCR if they accept the bid or not.

If a team cannot accept the bid, the regional coordinators must contact the next non-qualified team, officially offer it the vacant by and request a confirmation within 48 hours. In parallell they must put on stand-by the next team(s), informing them that a bid is vacant and they might get officially asked.

Only teams ending in the over 2/3 of the ranking are allowed to go EUCF. If a region needs to send a team from the lower third of the ranking, it must get approval from the EUF board.

The regional coordinators have between 5 and 7 days (final confirmation deadline are published on the EUCF website) to fill in all the bids assigned to the region in the various divisions.

If a region cannot fill in all assigned bids, the next bid will be offered to the next region according to the waiting list order published on the EUCF website.

The regional coordinator of this region will officially repeat the procedure, askling the next non-qualified team and putting in standby the next ones. This coordinator has max 48h to try to fill in the bid. Afterward it will be offered to the next region.

If more bids are vacant in a division, they will be offer one per region in the waiting list order.

A waiting list team cannot play at the EUCF if some of its players have already played in other EUCR for teams that will attend the EUCF (e.g. a player plays mixed in a EUCR for teamX and does not qualify; some time later he plays in an other EUCR for teamY and qualifies. In this case teamX cannot play at EUCF).