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EUCS Eligibility Rules

  1. EUCS Tournaments Definition
    1. The EUCS consists of “EUCS Events” including: Qualifiers (EUCQ), Regionals (EUCR) and Finals (EUCF).
    2. Each Section (typically a country) may use a single tournament (e.g. Nationals) or a series of tournaments (e.g. Tours) as Qualifiers.
    3. Each Section earns bids to their EUCR according to EUCR bid allocations.
  2. Ultimate Club Team Definition
    1. An Ultimate Club Team (henceforth referred to as ‘Team’) is a group of people who play together and enter ultimate tournaments under that Team’s name.
    2. A Team that enters into an EUCR is identified by its roster (“EUCS Roster”).
  3. Player Restrictions
    1. Only players rostered for a Team may play at EUCR or EUCF.
    2. No player may be rostered for two Teams simultaneously, independently from the division.
  4. EUCS Team Rosters
    1. National rostering systems and eligibility rules are used for EUCQ.
    2. A Team that chooses to participate at EUCR has to submit an EUCS Roster by the deadline defined for its region (see Standard Deadlines). Rosters then are frozen. National Organizations or an equivalent Sectional Committee has to approve the EUCR roster (see Rostering Process).
    3. A Team that does not advance to the next stage loses its roster. Players from such a team may be added to rosters of other teams subject to the limit in 4.4.
    4. After the rosters are frozen, a team may only add to its roster a maximum of
      • 3 players in the Open division,
      • 5 players in the Women division,
      • 5 players in the Mixed division,
      • 5 players in the Master division
        in total throughout the EUCS season. All additions must be submitted to the CSC by the deadlines published on the EUCS website.
  1. Additional Players
    1. The definition of "Additional player" is up to the National Federation of each country as long as the roster submission is still open (basically, it is a player that does not play with the team usually). Usually a player is considered as "Additional Player" by a National Federation if s/he was not on the roster for national championships and is not part of the club.
    2. Once EUCS Rostering is closed, any addition to the submitted roster is considered an "Additional player", regardless the specific national federation eligibility rules.

Responsibilities of National Federations and of Teams

National Federations (in the following just NF) are responsible for the payment of the deposit for the EUCRs and for the approval of the EUCS rosters of their teams.

Teams are responsible for the submission of their EUCS rosters and for the payment of the due fees within the defined deadlines.

A detailed description how the FFindr-based rostering system for the Championship Series can be found here.

Standard Deadlines

Please notice that these deadlines might slightly be modified by the single RSC Head Coordinators, if there have been already previous agreements with the Tournament Directors of the EUCRs.

  1. Latest 10 weeks prior EUCR the NF must accept/deny the assigned number of bids in each division.
  2. Latest 8 weeks prior EUCR the NF must centrally pay the deposit for all accepted bids to the EUCR Tournament Director.
  3. Latest 6 weeks prior EUCR the NF must submit the list of the teams participating in the EUCR in each division, giving at least 2 contacts per team.
  4. Latest 4 weeks prior EUCR the single teams must pay all remaining fees to the EUCR Tournament Director.
  5. 4 weeks prior EUCR Team and Player’s registration closes and by that date the single teams must have submitted their EUCS Roster.
    Please notice that on the roster all team members should be listed and not only those who will participate in the EUCS. Any change to these rosters after this date will be automatically considered an addition (see the EUCS Eligibilty Rules).
  6. Latest 2 weeks prior EUCR the NF must approve EUCS rosters for all their teams.

Any communication must be done by your representatives in the various Regional Series Committees (RSCs) per email. Emails must be sent to the RSC, with the EUCR Tournament Director in CC.

The list of the various national representatives can be found in the Regional subpages.