Background ultimate federation

EUMCC Eligibility Rules

  1. Ultimate Club Team Definition
    1. An Ultimate Club Team (henceforth referred to as ‘Team’) is a group of people who play together and enter ultimate tournaments under that Team’s name.
    2. A Team that enters into the EUMCC is identified by its roster (“EUMCC Roster”).
  2. Player Restrictions
    1. Only players rostered for a Team may play at EUMCC.
    2. No player may be rostered for two Teams simultaneously, independently from the division.
    3. Male Players entering into the open or mixed masters division must become at least 33 years old in the year of competition.
    4. Female Players entering into the women or mixed masters division must become at least 30 in the year of competition.
  3. EUMCC Team Rosters
    1. National rostering systems and eligibility rules are the basis for the definition of a Team.
    2. Addditionally to the core players according to the national eligibility rules, a team may add up to 5 additional players, that do not meet the national eligibility rules.
    3. A Team that chooses to participate at EUMCC has to submit Roster by the deadline defined by the Tournament Committee. National Organizations have to approve the EUMCC roster.
  1. Additional Players
    1. The definition of "Additional player" is up to the National Federation of each country as long as the roster submission is still open (basically, it is a player that does not play with the team usually). Usually a player is considered as "Additional Player" by a National Federation if s/he was not on the roster for national championships, is not part of the club or has no history of playing the the team in the past.
    2. Once EUMCC Rostering is closed, any addition to the submitted roster is considered an "Additional player", regardless the specific national federation eligibility rules.