Background ultimate federation


The first step for qualifying for the EUCFs is to qualify for an EUCR tournament.
Europe is made up of 28 Ultimate playing nations and these have been grouped together into five different geographic regions. The best teams from each nation in the five regions will, every August/September, play a two or three-day tournament to determine qualifiers for the EUCFs.

Open Division

Nations will make up the bulk of regions in the open division. Each nation which plays a national championship tournament with at least 10 club teams shall gain one automatic bid to an EUCR tournament. Nations with less than 10 club teams shall join together (called a section) and play a series or championship to determine qualifiers for the EUCR. Likewise, these sections can have no less than one bid to an EUCR tournament. There is no maximal limit on how many bids a region may have.

An open EUCR tournament can have as many as 16 participating clubs, although a regional committee may expand or reduce the tournament. Bids to EUCRs will be allocated by results from the previous EUCR. Each year the two nations/sections with the lowest placing teams in an EUCR will lose one bid in the next EUCR tournament, providing the loss of bid does not eliminate the one automatic bid allocated above. In that case only one bid is allocated.

Women's and Mixed Division

A women’s and Mixed EUCR tournament can have as many as 12 participating clubs, although regional committees may expand or reduce the tournament. Bids to EUCRs will be allocated by results from the previous EUCR. Each nation/section will be guaranteed at least one automatic bid to the EUCR.

EUCR Bid allocation system

  1. Every nation/section initially gets a minimum of 1 bid and no maximum.


Algorithm how to determine the number of bids per session in each division

  1. Line up the finishing order from the previos year.
  2. For every section with no participants last year, add 1 spot to the bottom of the list.
  3. For every section with at least 1 participant, label the lowest finisher with an L.
  4. For every section with 2 or more participants, label the second lowest finisher with an S.
  5. Look at the lowest S.
    If there are L which are higher, relabel the highest L with an X and add a spot for that region labeled X above the highest S below that spot. Relabel that lowest S with an X. Repeat this step until nothing happens anymore.
  6. Delete all labels from the first spot of each section
  7. Delete the lowest teams labeled with S, L or X (unlabeled teams stay!) until exactly the expected number of allocatable bids remain.

The RSC may expand or reduce the EUCR depending on interest from the region’s nations/sections. The RSC is the final arbiter of bids offered to a region’s EUCR.


It is important for teams to do as well as possible at their EUCR tournament in order to earn their nation/section as many bids as possible to the following year’s EUCR. A good showing by a nation’s/section’s teams will ensure their nation/section gets a lot of spots at the EUCRs and enhances their nation’s/section’s chances of being represented in the EUCFs.