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European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS)

This European tournament structure is establishing an annual European Ultimate Championship Series for open and women’s clubs. This annual tournament series allows top European clubs to compete against one another and crown a European club champion.

The EUCS creates a base structure and calendar for the series and involve as many teams and nations and players as possible. The benefit of this tournament structure is to create better competition for the top European clubs and provide incentive for mid-level clubs to improve their games with the hope of making it to Finals (EUCFs).

Europe has been divided into five geographic regions. Each nation (or group of nations if they are very small) may send a maximum number of qualified teams to its European Club Regional (EUCR) tournament. The ideal entry to an EUCR would be from Country’s nationals results. However a National Federation may also nominate its EUCR candidates. These teams compete at the EUCRs to advance to the European Club Finals (EUCFs).

EUCR and EUCF tournaments are standardized as much as possible in order to ensure fair seeding and important game-play throughout the tournaments.
EUCR tournaments are to be held ideally between the second half of August and the first weekend of September and should be centrally located in order to minimize travel times for regional teams.
The EUCFs is held either on the last weekend of September or on the first of October in a nation offering the best bid. Attention will be paid to excellent fields and agreeable weather.

With the goal being to increase the level of club play in Europe a strict eligibility rule is in place, which encourage teams to work on new players, but still gives the chance to good talents playing in small teams to join the roster of larger ones and make precious experiences, which can be used for the development of their smaller teams..

The EUCS is run by a staff of volunteers and is sanctioned by EUF. Other volunteers essential to the operation of the Series include committee members who specialize in elements of competition such as rules, eligibility and tournament formats.