Background ultimate federation

The Central Series Committee (CSC) is the responsible for the selection of the bids for the yearly European Ultimate Championship Series and for its competition and rostering rules.

The CSC consists of one open and one women delegate per region.
This Committee is chaired by the EUF President.
The EUF Open and EUF Women Coordinators are non-voting advisors.

The legislation term is 2 years.

Central Series Committee (CSC): email: 

Haude Hermand

Position:Club Championships Coordinator

Jarna Kalpala

Position:Women Coordinator

Alexander Shebunyaev

Position:Russia-Open delegate

Michael Martinec

Position:Switzerland-Open delegate

Si Hill

Position:UK Open-delegate

Brigid Harty

Position:UK Women delegate

Gabor Baross

Position:Hungary-Open delegate + CSC-E-Open delegate

Jana Vejmelková

Position:Czech Rep-Women delegate + CSC-E-Women delegate

Ted Beute

Position:Holland-Open delegate + treasurer